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  • What is Saltmarsh and why is is it so Important?

    What is Saltmarsh and why is is it so Important?

    The Team at NatureScot explain: The whole of the Solway represents approximately 25% of the UK saltmarsh resource and this rich habitat, also known as merse, at Caerlaverock is the largest […]

  • April at WWT Caerlaverock

    April at WWT Caerlaverock

    As we wave goodbye to April, David Pickett of WWT Caerlaverock tells us what life has been like on the reserve over the course of last month: “April can be […]

  • Goose News!

    Goose News!

    Barnacle geese numbers are starting to build up as more birds have arrived from Svalbard just in time for last week’s Wild Goose Festival. Prior to last week there was […]

  • Pyramiden

    A Photo Essay by Sisse Brimberg, Saskia Coulson and Colin Tennant In the far reaches of the Arctic circle, situated on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, lays the ghost town […]

  • Wild Geese and the GSA Biosphere

    Wild Geese and the GSA Biosphere

    The Galloway & Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere is proud to be a partner organisation and co-hosting events at the Wild Goose Festival 2022, introducing local people and visitors to some […]

  • Primary School News Reporter, Ayla, Tells us About Her Class Project

    The Stove’s Creative Spaces Team have been working with the pupils at Caerlaverock Primary School on a series of activities linked to this years Wild Goose Festival. As part of […]

  • Marvellous Migration

    Marvellous Migration

    The Barnacle Geese of Svalbard There’s no mistaking that migration is an amazing natural phenomenon. As the Barnacle geese return to us each year from Spitspegen on the Norwegian Svalbard […]

  • The Brent Blog

    The Brent Blog

    Brent or brant geese (Branta bernicla) are one of the seven native geese found in the UK. Brent geese are the smallest goose species found on our shores, only just […]

  • Solway to Svalbard – A journey of discovery

    Solway to Svalbard – A journey of discovery

    Solway to Svalbard is an immersive, multi-artform response to the spring migration of barnacle geese. This unique piece of theatre brings together original music with cinematic visuals, evocative soundscapes, and […]

  • Keep Looking Up… To the Future

    Keep Looking Up… To the Future

    A Reflection Piece on Working with Caerlaverock Primary School by Morgan Love Since joining the Stove in early June 2022, the Creative Spaces team have been embedded in the projects […]

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